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Nodefalcon - Online Learning Platform Woodworking without machines is fantastic: there is no noise, no dust, and no danger. In the past, everything was done manually and these craftsmen made great furniture without any machinery. The online course on Traditional Woodworking, still teaches you about various woodworking tools, learning how to plane, saw and make wood joints just like it was done thousands of years ago. You will be amazed at how efficient hand tools can be.

For Traditionele Houtbewerking (Traditional Woodworking) we built a custom online learning platform with an accompanying website where customers can order the course. For the website we developed a custom client-side shopping cart where Stripe was integrated for the online payments.

Public site with custom built shopping cart in Node JS and MongoDB

Dynamic client-side shoppingcart in Node JS The public website has a dynamic client-side shopping cart built with NodeJS and MongoDB. Display of the cart items and cartotal changes dynamically depending on the client: a person, a Belgian company or a company from any other EU country.

The payment is handled by one of the biggest online payment providers: Stripe. We already integrated Stripe in different projects. It is top quality and not too expensive. Bancontact, iDeal and credit cards were integrated.

Shopping cart data are processed in the Node JS application and the database behind it is MongoDB.

Online learning platform

Woodworking course with dynamic collapsible menu When the users logs in to the online course, an extensive collapsible menu is available to go through the courses and to make it easy to quickly jump to different chapters. One of the benefits of the online course is that the user can easily repeat the parts he wants to rehearse.

All movies are shot with iPhone in high resolution (4k) and are hosted on the Vimeo platform. Movies are only available to existing customers.

Project details

Code: HTML5, CSS3, Vanilla JavaScript
Setup: Visual Studio Code on Manjaro Linux
Framework: Node JS
Language: JavaScript - server-side & client-side
Database: MongoDB Atlas
Security: Passport
Video hosting: Vimeo
Hosting: Docker & Caddyserver reverse proxy
Protocol: superfast HTTP/3 and automatic SSL

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