Nodefalcon Case Studies

We love to showcase some of our successful custom software development case studies. At Nodefalcon, we specialize in delivering tailor-made software solutions that meet the unique needs and requirements of our clients. We work closely with our clients to understand their business processes and objectives, in order to develop software that not only meets their current needs but also sets them up for future success. We will highlight a few selected case studies to give you an overview of the kind of projects we've delivered and the positive impact our software has had on our clients' businesses.

Location based real-time alert broker

Nodefalcon - Location
                                        based real time alert broker For i-Lan we built a custom Location based real time alert broker. The i-Lan OneBox edge-compute solution has a dashboard with a map overview of all the OneBox locations (Remote offices or branches) of the client. The extensive monitoring system that i-Lan uses can trigger alerts that are shown on the map.


Art collection management

Nodefalcon - art collection management Art as Art is a website that showcases beautiful artwork with an emphasis on speed and user experience. The website was built with cutting-edge technology and a focus on providing users with a fast and seamless browsing experience.


Node JS application on nano ARM 64 SBC

Nodefalcon - nano datacenter SBC For another business customer, we built a small custom Node JS application that replaces a legacy application that still ran on a power consuming server on their premise. The replacement app now runs on a micro SBC that only consumes 10 watts.


Custom built online learning platform

Nodefalcon - Online Learning Platform For Traditionele Houtbewerking (Traditional Woodworking) we built a custom online learning platform with an accompanying website where customers can order the course. For the website we developed a custom client-side shopping cart where Stripe was integrated for the online payments.


We would love to work on YOUR next project

Nodefalcon - Blazing fast business dashboards We love to work on interesting new projects in close cooperation with our customers. If you are looking for a custom developed project, contact us for a meeting without any obligation!


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