Start small and solve real business problems fast!

When it comes to building custom software applications for SMEs, starting small can often be the key to success. Rather than trying to tackle every problem at once, it's often better to focus on solving one pain point at a time and deliver real business value. The focus can then shift to the next challenge. By doing so, you can gain big from technology so you can drive your business forward.

Nodefalcon - Microservices


We can start small with software that solves a particular problem. Small, independent microservices that communicate with your existing software or other applications through APIs.

Nodefalcon - Rest API

Rest API

With Rest API we can make your data available to third parties in a secure way. Or we can get data from third parties. These data can then be integrated in real-time in your own software.

Nodefalcon - MongoDB


MongoDB is a document based database, that is easy, fast and very reliable. We can help you set up your next database and integrate them in your custom software applications.

Nodefalcon - Business Dashboards

Business Dashboards

A Business Dashboard provides insights into various aspects of your operations. We can build them tailored for your specific business needs. And yes, we make them blazing fast.

Nodefalcon - Docker Containers

Docker containers

Docker is an open-source containerization technology that allows us to package your applications and dependencies into lightweight containers that are easy to deploy and scale.

Nodefalcon - nano datacenter

Nano datacenter

Our solutions can be hosted on a cluster of ultra small Single Board Computers. We call it our Nano Datacenter. It runs docker on ARM64 (Aarch) nano SBC and consumes extremely little power.

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