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MongoDB Atlas, document based database cluster

Nodefalcon - MongoDB At Nodefalcon, we understand the importance of using the right tools to build the best solutions for you. For our custom software applications and microservices, we have been looking for the most reliable and flexible database solution. That's why we trust MongoDB Atlas for our data storage needs.

§ 1 Fully managed & cloud-based

MongoDB Atlas is a fully managed, cloud-based database service that offers all the features and benefits of MongoDB without the hassle of managing and scaling your own infrastructure. With Atlas, you can easily store, retrieve and query your data with speed and ease, all while enjoying the security and reliability of a fully managed service.

Whether you're working with large amounts of data, need to support complex queries, or require real-time data synchronization, MongoDB Atlas has you covered. With features like automatic scaling, built-in monitoring and data backup and recovery, you can rest easy knowing that your data is safe, secure and always available when you need it.

At Nodefalcon we can build your custom applications faster, smarter and more efficiently than ever before.

§ 2 Flexible & document-based

With document-based databases, you can easily change the schema of your data as your needs evolve, without having to modify your entire database structure. This allows for greater agility and flexibility in your data management, especially when dealing with unstructured or semi-structured data.

§ 3 High performance

Document-based databases like MongoDB Atlas are designed to handle large volumes of data and complex queries with speed and efficiency. By storing related data together in a single document, you can reduce the need for complex joins and improve query performance.

§ 4 Scalable

With MongoDB Atlas, you can easily scale your database as your needs grow, without having to worry about managing hardware or infrastructure. Atlas offers automatic scaling and load balancing, allowing you to handle increasing traffic and workload with ease.

§ 5 Real-time data synchronization

Document-based databases like MongoDB Atlas are ideal for real-time data synchronization across multiple devices or applications. By using a schemaless document model, you can easily synchronize data in real-time without worrying about schema conflicts or versioning issues.

§ 6 Security

MongoDB Atlas offers built-in security features such as encryption, authentication and access control, ensuring that your data is safe and secure at all times. With Atlas, you can also take advantage of auditing and logging features to track and monitor access to your data.

§ 7 JSON, BSON and JavaScript

At Nodefalcon we love JavaScript, on the client side, on the server side and even in our database: MongoDB uses BSON (Binary JSON) which is a subset of JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) which is basically JavaScript! Using only one language for frontend, backend and database lets us develop your application at a much higher speed, resulting in a lower cost for your application.

Are you struggling with your current database solution? We can help you convert your data to MongoDB and start with all the benefits of a modern, agile and dependable solution.

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