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Docker & Containers

Nodefalcon - Docker Containers At Nodefalcon, we specialize in building custom software applications and microservices that are tailored to meet your unique business needs. Whether you're looking for a new application to streamline your operations or a microservice to integrate with your existing system, we have the skills and expertise to deliver high-quality solutions that exceed your expectations.

§ 1 Open-source & platform independant

One of the key technologies that we use to ensure our applications are easily deployable and scalable is Docker. Docker is an open-source containerization technology that allows us to package our applications and dependencies into lightweight containers. These containers can be easily moved between different environments and operating systems, ensuring consistent behavior regardless of the underlying infrastructure. We have built up expertise in building and deploying Docker containers for the major CPU architectures: x86_64, AMD64 and ARM64 (Aarch). This also gives us the possibility to host your project on Single Board Computers (SBC) based on ARM64.

§ 2 Building, testing & running with Docker

Using Docker containers also means that we can build and test our applications in isolation, without worrying about conflicting dependencies or environments. This allows us to deliver high-quality software faster, with fewer bugs and issues.

We have extensive experience working with Docker, and we have developed best practices and workflows to ensure that our applications are built and deployed in the most efficient and secure manner possible. Whether you need a simple microservice or a complex application with multiple components, we can leverage Docker to deliver a solution that meets your needs.

We don't need to use a Docker registry at one of the big cloud providers. Instead we built our own secure registry that we can use to securely transport and deploy the containers we build for you. This gives us the needed flexibility.

§ 3 Advantages of using Docker containers

Portability: Docker containers are highly portable, which means that they can run consistently across different environments, such as development, staging, and production, without any issues. This makes it easier to deploy applications and microservices to the cloud, on-premises infrastructure, or even on individual machines.

Scalability: Docker containers can be easily scaled horizontally, which means that you can add more containers to handle increased traffic or workload. This can be done automatically using container orchestration tools like Kubernetes, or manually using scripts or commands.

Isolation: Docker containers provide a high degree of isolation between different applications and their dependencies. This ensures that applications are not affected by changes or conflicts in the underlying infrastructure, and it makes it easier to manage and troubleshoot individual components of a larger system.

Efficiency: Docker containers are lightweight, which means that they can be spun up and torn down quickly and efficiently. This makes it easier to test and deploy changes to applications and microservices, and it reduces the overall resource consumption of the system.

Consistency: Docker containers ensure consistency in the development, testing, and deployment of applications and microservices. With Docker, you can be sure that the same environment that was used in development and testing is being used in production, which reduces the risk of errors and issues.

Security: Docker containers provide an additional layer of security by isolating applications and their dependencies from the host operating system. This helps to mitigate the risk of malware and other security threats, and it makes it easier to enforce security policies and best practices.

§ 4 Start using Docker containers now

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