✯✯✯ Custom Node JS application on nano arm64 SBC

custom-node-js-application-on-nano-arm64-single-board-computer One of our customers approached us with an outdated Windows application that was running on-premise. The tower server that hosted the application consumed a lot of energy and produced a significant amount of noise. We understood that this was not only an inconvenience for the customer but also a issue for the environment.

We took on the challenge and conducted a thorough investigation to come up with a suitable solution. We decided to build a new version of the application using cutting-edge technology like NodeJS and MongoDB. The result was an application that was not only faster but also more reliable than the previous version.

Running on premise

NodeFalcon - custom-node-js-application-on-nano-arm64-single-board-computer However, the challenge remained: how to host this application on-premise without consuming excessive energy or producing noise? Our team brainstormed and experimented with several solutions until we found the perfect fit. We chose an ARM64 based Single Board Computer that was not only small in size but also energy-efficient and silent.

On the Linux host OS, we installed Docker, which allowed us to run two containers. One container runs a reverse proxy, while the other container hosts the application itself. We connected the application to MongoDB Atlas. This innovative solution eliminated the need for a tower server and significantly reduced energy consumption. The new setup now only consumes 10 Watts of power, making it a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution.

Our solution not only benefits the environment but also improves the overall performance of the application. With the new setup, our customer can now enjoy faster and more reliable software solutions, and a more pleasant working environment.

In conclusion, the success story of our customer demonstrates the importance of adopting innovative technology and sustainable solutions. By partnering with us, you can transform your outdated on-premise applications into fast and reliable software solutions while reducing your environmental impact. Let's work together to make a difference!

Project details

Code: HTML5, CSS3, Vanilla JavaScript
Setup: Visual Studio Code on Manjaro Linux
Framework: Node JS
Language: JavaScript - server-side & client-side
Database: MongoDB Atlas
Security: Passport
Hosting: Docker on local ARM64- based SBC
Protocol: superfast HTTP/3 and automatic SSL

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