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Nodefalcon - Location
                                        based real time alert broker i-LAN is a leading provider of innovative Edge Compute Solution As A Service, offering total security and managed solutions for companies of all sizes. Founded by a group of friends/colleagues who started by scribbling their ideas on a piece of paper, developed these ideas into a prototype that quickly took of as a very successful solution for the RoBo (Remote Office Branch Office) and Retail market. Today i-Lan offers smart, secured innovative services to their clients worldwide.

For i-Lan we built a custom Location based real time alert broker. The i-Lan OneBox edge-compute solution has a dashboard with a map overview of all the OneBox locations (Remote offices or branches) of the client. The extensive monitoring system that i-Lan uses can trigger alerts that are shown on the map. We integrated Google Maps with a database of the management data for each location. The alert messages are sent to a Rest API that triggers the broker. The broker then broadcasts the data in real-time using websockets to all clients that have the map open on their systems.

Essential tool for IT Administrators

NodeFalcon - Location
                                    based real time alert broker A Location-Based Real-Time Alert Broker is an essential tool for businesses that operate in a Remote/Branch Office (RoBo) environment. It allows IT administrators to receive real-time alerts triggered by servers, firewalls, and switches running in a RoBo location. These alerts can help identify and troubleshoot issues before they turn into major problems.

In a RoBo environment, IT administrators often face the challenge of managing multiple locations from a central location. It can be challenging to monitor the health of the infrastructure and respond to incidents in a timely manner. A Location-Based Real-Time Alert Broker provides a solution to this challenge by consolidating all alerts triggered by the infrastructure in a RoBo location into a single interface.

The user can click on the location with alert and see the details of the the OneBox. From there details of the incident are provided with a link to the console of the item with alert. For example, suppose a switch in a RoBo location experiences a power outage. The Location-Based Real-Time Alert Broker will immediately send an alert to the IT administrator, notifying them of the issue. The IT administrator can then take action to restore power to the switch, minimizing downtime and reducing the impact on business operations.

Location-Based Real-Time Alert Brokers can also help IT administrators identify patterns and trends in the infrastructure. By analyzing the alerts over time, IT administrators can identify recurring issues and take steps to address them proactively. This approach can help improve the overall health of the infrastructure and reduce the number of incidents over time.

Project details

Code: HTML5, CSS3, Vanilla JavaScript
Setup: Visual Studio Code on Manjaro Linux
Framework: Node JS
Language: JavaScript - server-side & client-side
Database: MongoDB Atlas
Security: Passport
Hosting: Docker containers
Protocol: superfast HTTP/3 and automatic SSL

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The OneCloud application is secured and can not be viewed publically.
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